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Working Group Chair
Air Traffic Services
Darren Gaines, Chair
Ladislav Mika, Deputy Chair
Airports Working Group
David Gleave, Chair
Cabin Safety
Joann E. Matley Sheehan
Corporate Affairs
Erin Carroll
Critical Incident Stress Management Working Group
Position of Chair Open
Contact: Frank S. Del Gandio
Flight Recorder
Michael R. Poole
General Aviation
Position of Chair Open
Contact: Frank S. Del Gandio
Government Air Safety
Marcus Costa
Facilitator, Government Air Safety Investigators Group
Human Factors
Mr. Bill Bramble
ISASI Student Mentoring Program
Anthony Brickhouse, Chair
Investigators Training & Education
Dr. Graham R. Braithwaite
Military Aviation Safety & Accident Investigation Military Air Safety Investigators
James Roberts
Positions Working Group
Ronald L. Schleede, Chair
Promotion of ISASI
Daniel Barafani
Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Thomas A. Farrier
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